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Cummins Debuts Electric Truck Cab in Advance of Tesla Announcement

With Tesla scheduled to debut a Class 8 electric truck in Hawthorne, California, on October 26th, few imagined that diesel specialist Cummins would grab center stage with its own entry in the electric truck derby. At the end of August, Cummins attracted attention from major media outlets like Forbes and USA Today when it announced plans to manufacture an electrified powertrain for commercial trucks.

Demo Cab Named Aeos

On August 29Cummins unveiled a Class 7 truck cab with a 140 kWh battery pack. Cummins named the demo cab “Aeos,” a name is inspired by one of the winged horses in Greek mythology that drove Helios’ chariot across the sky.

Specifically, Cummins will supply interested truck manufacturers with an integrated battery/electronics system. The system has a 100-mile range, although recharging is possible in approximately 60 minutes at a charging station capable of handling the 140 kWh battery pack. Cummins expects to reduce charging times to approximately 20 minutes by 2020. Aeos can pull a 22-ton trailer, according to the Forbes article.

Short-haul First, then Extended Range

The short-haul version will arrive in 2019, with an extended range version arriving a year later. The latter model uses a diesel engine as an on-board generator to extend the range up to 300 miles. The design concept will use only half as much fuel as current zero-emission diesel hybrids.

Commercial production of the truck-capable battery pack commences in 2019, according to Cummins.

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