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Three Security Measures That Protect Against Cargo Theft

Truck drivers have a difficult job, there's no denying that. They're often called upon to spend hours behind the wheel to assure their cargo arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition. They are also guardians of the cargo they haul, meaning they must do whatever they can to protect it against theft. When it comes to semi-truck safety tips, theft prevention measures are the most important. There are three basic rules for safety every driver should follow closely.

Be Aware

Whenever a driver is traveling down the road in his, or her, rig, it's imperative that they pay close attention to everything happening in and around their vehicle. That means being aware of suspicious vehicles that seem to be following too closely, or for too long. It also means watching every person that comes in close proximity to the truck and trailer for suspicious activity. Never reveal too much information about your cargo, your route, or your destination during casual conversations. The truth is, you never know who you can trust and you almost have to consider everyone a potential threat to your cargo's security.

Lock It Up

They say that locks are best at keeping honest people out, but they also serve as a deterrent to thieves who prefer an easy target. They're looking for trailers that have inadequate, or no, locks so they can get in, take what they want and get out quickly. That's why every load should be securely locked within the trailer using a new, commercial grade lock. There are even high-tech locks that have satellite controlled locking pins and tracking capabilities. At every stop, and anytime cargo is loaded or unloaded, the locks should be checked to be sure they're secure.

Parking Spots

While the best way to prevent theft of your cargo is to keep moving, this isn't always possible and you need to stop to rest. No matter where you are, your first priority is to make sure you're in a secure environment. Always seek out rest areas and truck stops that are frequented by many travelers and that have adequate lighting and stay close to your rig. Back up to a fence, or building if you can, and if not, park close to other trucks because there's security in numbers. Remember, if you spot anything out of the ordinary, or feel uncomfortable in any way, remove yourself from the area, or call for help.

Truck drivers are the first line of defense against cargo theft, helping to protect companies against losses. They must keep a keen eye open for dangers on the road and while stopped and minimize their exposure. While there will always be people who have bad intent, drivers who practice good safety habits are less likely to become victims of theft. 

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