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Highway Rest Stops Are Disappearing

Twenty or thirty years ago, when truck drivers needed some well-deserved rest, they had multiple options on highways around the country. If the truck stop was full, it was easy for them to pull into a rest stop and have access to facilities and a safe place to sleep.

But in many parts of the country, these rest stops are becoming a thing of the past. Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that rest stops are closing around the country. Some of the most impacted states, such as Michigan, Ohio, and South Dakota, are on Midwestern truck routes populated by truck drivers. But other states are impacted too. In Florida, many rest stops are also closing, and Connecticut is considering shutting down all of its rest areas.

Experts note that rest stops are closing because they're expensive to maintain, and fewer drivers use them. Instead, traditional road trippers prefer to stop at restaurants and shops for breaks. However, these closures are a concern to the trucking industry.

A spokesperson for the American Trucking Association notes that rest stops are extremely important for truck drivers in certain parts of the country where truck stops are limited. In these areas, truck stops can fill up, and without rest stops, truck drivers have no safe place to take their mandatory rest breaks. Unlike families taking breaks in their cars and vans, fast food areas and hotels usually don't have the space for large trucks.

Representatives at other motorist groups, such as AAA, also support attempting to keep state rest stops open for truck drivers and other motorists. Rest stops, they say, are a safe place for motorists of all kinds to take breaks from driving that help them safely arrive at their final destination. 

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