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Spring Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips

Few things are as hard on trucks as winter roads. Even the salt used to help keep roads free of snow is extremely corrosive. But the icy roads and hours spent chaining up will soon be behind us. Spring is almost here and better weather is on the way but after the often brutal road conditions of the winter there are a few things that should be checked out as we move on to the next season. Here are a few maintenance tips to prepare your rig for Spring.

  • Tire Pressure Check- The cold air will decrease the tire pressure. While this problem most likely would have been noticed and tires inflated back to operational levels it is still a good idea to check it again when the weather begins to get warmer. While you're at it check the tires for cracking and abnormal wear.
  • Batteries and Electrical System- The cold will cause the iron in your engine to contract and the fuel will be a little hard to ignite. This will cause for the battery to work extra hard as the engine has to crank over more. Spring is a good time to check on battery health along with the overall condition of all the plugs and wires that have been subjected to the corrosive road salt.
  • Brakes- The brake system is probably the system that takes the most abuse, even in good weather, so after a long winter of hard-driving the brake system should be thoroughly checked for wear. Take the time to check not only the pads and fluid but also the lines and fittings for signs of rust and corrosion.
  • Cooling System- Since the temperatures in winter are generally lower there could be a cooling system issue lurking waiting to pounce when things begin to warm up. Spring is a good time to do a thorough cooling system check to try getting ahead of any problems before summer rolls around.
  • Air Filter- This is a general maintenance item but snowy winter roads can throw a lot of moisture and grime into your intake system so make sure to check it whenever you get a chance.
  • Windshield Wipers- The windshield wipers have been subjected to a lot of abuse over the winter. They have scraped over icy patches, cleaned away road salt, and have probably even been frozen to the windshield a few times. The should be checked and replaced before the spring rains start.

Use these tips to stay on top of your maintenance schedule and prevent major issues. Contact us today for more information.

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