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Daimler Electric Semi-Trucks to Debut

You might have read about truck companies starting to experiment with making electric semi-trucks. Well, this advanced semi-truck technology will soon become reality. Recently, Daimler announced that they're in the process of developing completely electric semi-truck models set to debut later in 2017.

The new heavy-duty electric truck will have the ability to travel 124 miles and carry up to a 12.8 ton payload capacity. Since this is a relatively short distance, expect these trucks to mostly do short distance deliveries near available electric charging stations. Initially, customers can choose between truck bodies that are boxed, refrigerated, or a flatbed.

The truck, which will be released under the Mercedes-Benz label, will first start out in limited run. The company is currently negotiating with 20 customers who will be the first owners. The first 20 owners will agree to take the trucks for an initial 12-month testing period, where they'll supply data and feedback to test and continue to improve the semi-trucks. Daimler is hopeful they'll have the truck in full production by 2020.

Current plans only involve introducing the heavy-duty model in Europe, initially in Germany, but we're hopeful expanded production will eventually include the United States. In the meantime, Daimler plans to introduce a similar electric semi-truck, the eCanter model, in 150 companies the US, Japan, and Europe. Previously unveiled in fall 2016, this Urban e-Truck is a medium duty truck perfectly suited to carrying various cargo within city limits, focusing on shorter distances. Look for the Urban e-Truck in a city near you soon.

Stay in touch with us for all the latest updates on Daimler's electric semi-trucks.

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