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Freightliner Makes Eco-Friendly Waves

We have to give a “Hats Off” to our friends over at Freightliner. They’re certainly making big, semi-truck industry waves as of late. First, there was news of their collaboration with British Steel as covered by Materials Handling World and others. Now, we’ve received word that they’ve been recognized by the United States Department of Energy. Fleet Owner helped break the story about that in late January 2017.

However, the recognition Freightliner received may not be what our readers think. The company did not win another reward for their products, although that’s certainly a future possibility. Nor did they choose to partner with another materials supplier. Instead, the recognition was part of an exciting endeavor currently undertaken by a group of foreign and domestic truck manufacturers. Perhaps you’ve heard of the TRUCK Program?

Formed as the result of a 2015 initiative put in place under the Obama Administration, the TRUCK Program has eco-friendly intentions. Its overall mission is to work with industry leaders in both the U.S. and China to effectively shrink the semi-truck industry’s carbon footprint. As such, Freightliner and one of our other suppliers (Cummins Inc.) representatives are currently part of the program’s think tank. So, the government is listening closely to their suggestions. We look forward to seeing what Freightliner, Cummins and our other cohorts will come up with regarding this issue.

As it stands now, the Environmental Protection Agency notes that less than 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation industry. But as Footprint Network’s number crunchers point out, when it comes to environmental issues, carbon emissions are only one part of the world's pollution problem. That said, at Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment we salute all of our partners who choose to help save the planet and we pledge to do our part too. To learn more about energy-efficient vehicles that we have in stock now, please contact Michigan Truck Sales & Equipment today.

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