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How Driver Camera Technology Can Help Semi-Truck Drivers

A new type of semi-truck technology, driver cameras, leads the way as a top way to keep all drivers, of cars and semi-tricks, accountable on the road. Along with improving safety, recent reports indicate this new piece of technology helps improve fairness to truck drivers and companies when it comes to accident payouts.

By the end of 2017, on December 16th or 18th, all truck drivers and companies will be required to use electronic logging records. The cameras will record drivers in the semi-trucks on a continual 12-second loop, creating an easy to review record when needed. A common time companies and the government expect to use these records is determining fault in accidents.

Some truck drivers worry about the loss of their privacy with the use of this new technology. However, it's most likely that these cameras will end up helping truck drivers and companies by creating a fair record. In the past, trucking companies often had to pay a settlement to car drivers when they were involved in an accident, even if it wasn't clear who was at fault. Now, driver cameras can clear semi-truck drivers when the fault was with the other vehicle.

Jared Brokenshire cites a recent example of this helping a driver at Watsontown Trucking. In that case, a truck driver hit a car because the car was spinning out of control. The driver filed a complaint about the incident, however the driver camera logs proved that the car driver was at fault. The case got thrown out after viewing these videos.

Camera logs will also help keep truck drivers safe and increase their adherence to the rules. For example, Brokenshire says his company will use logs to ensure truck drivers don't spend more hours than legally allowed on the road and take their mandated breaks.

Contact us for help complying to the new electronic logging rules and for learning about incorporating new technology into your company's semi-trucks.

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